Unique Custom Homes Builders

Why buy a house that does not fit your lifestyle when you can build the home of your dreams?

Find Custom Home Builders in Northern VA and Washington DC at AV Architects + Builders

AV Architects + Builders has an extensive background in designing, developing, and building homes that are customized to your everyday needs. We can build the home of your dreams by understanding how you and your family use your home on a daily basis.

Our goal is to develop a home that is cozy, roomy, and allows you to entertain and live your life the way you like. You no longer have to mold to the house – your house is molded to you!

Hire Mediterranean Custom Home Builders in Northern VA and Washington DC

For more information on the Design/Build process:

For More Information On The Design/Build Process Download: Benefits of Choosing a Design/Build Company


AV Architects + Builders can develop your perfect Mediterranean home that makes you feel like you’re on vacation every day. Pick and choose the  exact mosaic tiles that embody the beauty of the Mediterranean style. Develop and build the designs and floor plan that are conducive to your living style. Using the highest quality wood floor or kitchen back-splash tiles imported from Italy or Spain. Use the craftsmanship of hundred-year old fine Spanish and Italian artisans to plaster the walls with your own unique color pallet. You can also use multiple custom designed colors and layers of paint and glaze that are hand-rubbed by dedicated craftsman. Imagine an aesthetic beauty of plaster or sand-textured walls that adds to the visual depth and historic authenticity of the house.

 Unique Custom Home Builders in Northern VA and Washington DC are provided by AV Architects + Builders

French Country

AV Architects + Builders can develop the perfect French style home with customized brick, stone, or stucco siding. Each region has its own climate concerns and building restrictions. We will design and develop the perfect house for the site of your choice using the highest quality products.



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