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Guide to Build Your Dream Home

Initial Discovery Meeting

When we’re getting to know you, we learn about your lifestyle and “wish list” for your new design. We study the location and come up with solutions so your house can best fit for you and your family. Here’s what we do:

Initial Discovery Meeting with Client

  • Survey, photograph, and document project site and/or existing house condition
  • Investigate zoning requirements
  • Examine site parameters, possibilities, and limitations
  • Begin a preliminary budget



Designing your dream

Phase 1 – Concept Design AV Architects and Home Builders in Northern Virginia

AV Architects designs are as unique as our clients. We start all design process from scratch and customize everything to our clients’ lifestyles. Your home will be “one of a kind” just for you and will never be re-used for any other client.  Within the Concept and Design Phase, we explore all possibilities.

Phase 2 – Design Development

Northern Virginia Home Builders for Design Development

Once you approve the final design, we originate Design Development documents. These working papers illustrate and describe in detail all facets of the project. These include plans, sections, elevations and typical construction details are produced to establish the scope, relationships, forms, size and appearance of the project.


Phase 3 – Construction Cost


save costs cropAV Architects provides a preliminary construction cost for the project. Since just about every detail is covered in the previous phases, a construction budget can be determined very precisely, rather than simply estimated.

The construction documents are also generated, which include:

  • Project construction requirements
  • Detailed drawings and specifications to establish the quality of materials and systems used throughout the entire project

Building your dream

Northern Virginia Custom Home Builders - AV Architects + BuildersPhase 1 – Construction Documents

As part of our complete service, AV Builders takes care of all the details:

  • All necessary building permits
  • Prepare the site for construction

See what our happy clients say about us!

Phase 2 – Permitting Process

At AV Builders, we recognize that our workplace is your home. We’ll establish a construction calendar, taking your schedule and preferences into account. We realize that you may be living in your home while we’re working on it and we go to great lengths to make your remodel as comfortable for you as possible.

Our architects actually lead the construction itself, assuring that the quality of your design is maintained.

Phase 3 – Construction Process
AV Architects and Builders Building Process

At AV Builders, we’re happy when you’re happy. We walk each client through the finished product, noting any necessary repairs or refinements. And we work hard in every phase of design and construction just to hear those three gratifying words: “I love it!”

Project Close-Out

We want to ensure you are satisfied with our services. We do everything to ensure that you come in to your home ready to enjoy “Vacation Style Living“.With closing your project, an executive home builder in our team will:

Final-Walk-Through-compressor 1

  • Do a walk through
  • Explain responsibilities and warranty coverage
  • Welcome you home!



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