Nesting for Empty Nesters ®

Av Architects +  Builders approach to aging in place

Our Nesting for Empty Nesters ® architecture designs and construction will allow you to live an active, fulfilling life, independently in your own home custom designed for your comfort, convenience and safety in retirement and beyond. This smart design incorporates optional features that will make your home feel right for retirement but NOT look like a “retirement home”.

You don’t need a ‘retirement home.’ You need a great home for retirement.”

Remodeling with a Vacation Style Living™ approach by AV Architects + Builders can transform your home into a retreat that will allow you to live in your own home longer, happier and with a more active, independent lifestyle.  As you enter into retirement, your life, your needs, your goals, your hobbies and your day-to-day activities will change. Your home can – and should – change with you. With AV Architects + Builders help, it can!

Your next season is your best season. Make sure your home is ready to take you there.”


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