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Interior Renovation in McLean, VA



The most expensive materials are the ones that need to be replaced.  That’s why as Northern Virginia home builders, we tell our clients to choose high quality, low maintenance materials that will save them financially in the long run.  Backsplashes, flooring, trim, paint, countertops, and cabinetry; all are important choices to make that will dictate the look and feel on the interior of your home.  All of these finishes combined with the lighting of your home have a large impact on the personality of your home, more so than the impact that furnishings and the layout will have.

Finishes should be as functional as they are beautiful.  With our experience in luxury home renovation, we can help our clients transcend traditional design and create their dream home.  We work closely with our clients to choose materials that have durability and style.  Non-slip tile in the shower, low pile or no-pile carpeting, smooth granite countertops with rough stacked stone backsplashes, light and dark cabinetry in the same kitchen; all are just a few of the examples of how we help our clients create a home for the next stage in their lives.

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