Modern Bath

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The modern bathroom design is popular among homeowners as it can be used in most bathroom styles for an attractive midcentury look.  The design helps create a simplistic and clean feeling for your bath space.  Our modern bathroom designs capture our philosophy of integrating design with quality and efficiency while still emphasizing space and functionality.  As an example from our modern design pictured above, raised sinks are a great compliment for homeowners to choose when designing a smaller bath space.  Along with built-in shelving and cabinetry, we added style and value to the space while also making it more open and free of clutter.

We use our experience as Northern Virginia home builders to give our clients the best modern design for their bath space.  Our designs adds elements of neutral color palette to help illustrate the modern appearance of the bathroom.  The light blue tiles from the design above, for example, adds visual appeal without sacrificing the minimalistic design of the room.  Our approach to modern design re-emphasizes our goal to capture quality and value through unique features specialized to our client’s needs and desires.

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