Contemporary Bath

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Contemporary style bathrooms are a great addition for any homeowner looking to move past traditional designs and create a more up-to-date, elegant space.  Contemporary design is a combination of clean lines and open spaces.  It also uses a minimalist approach when dealing with accessories so that the space feels less cluttered and more spacious. Neutral colors not only compliment the open space design of a contemporary bath, it allows the clean lines and shapes to become the focal point of the room.

We have a wide variety of options of contemporary design ideas for homeowners looking into luxury bathroom remodeling in Northern Virginia.  Our design above shows how our client wanted a more modern look for their remodeled Master Bath.  They opted for clean lines, simple colors, and open, clutter-free space that would make their new contemporary bath space more bright and airy.  Whatever ideas you may have in mind, we can accommodate to make sure you get the exact design you’re looking for.


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