Vienna Addition

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This family had completely outgrown their home – three small children and a fourth on their way! The house had just three bedrooms and two baths in the sleeping area – clearly not enough space for comfort. A home addition was clearly the answer, but where to put it… on top, in back, on the left or to the right?

After a detailed design consultation with our client, we decided on the right side of the residence. This gave us the most freedom to improve the overall flow and circulation of the second floor with the new two-story addition. We were able to add a master suite with walk-in closet and master bath on the main level. An additional bedroom with it’s own bathroom was added to the second floor. So much more room to move – everyone is happy!!

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Francisca and her team at AV. Francisca is familiar with current trends, but also considers the efficiency and effectiveness of the natural flow within a house. The contractors at AV were all professional and considerate. Our concerns with such a large project were budget and timeliness. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased that we were able to move back into our “new” home on time and without any budget overruns. We are 100% happy with the work AV has done in our home and highly recommend the team.” The Client

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