McLean Addition

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The client wanted a new kitchen with an indoor/outdoor interaction to connect the pool and patio.  AV Architects + Builder designed an open floor plan that enable access to the pool area with a seamless transition.

We changed the whole feel and flow of our home with the addition of an 8 foot hallway and kitchen renovation. The addition of the hallway allowed us to open up the back of the house letting light in and incorporating outdoor living space to our home. We were very pleased with the entire process from start to finish. “

Portfolio_Home Additions_McLean Addition

The way the home functions – or doesn’t – also impacts how it feels.  As home builders in McLean, we worked with our client to meet all their demands without breaking their budget.  The kitchen was designed around an indoor/outdoor addition to allow direct access and a view to the existing pool.  The windows add lots of light and the double doors provides ease of entry when coming in and out of the house.  Our clients also wanted an open space model, so we included a lot of built in storage with stainless steel appliances to complement one another.

The tile back-splash mimics the brick around the existing fireplace that’s maintained in the kitchen. The floor plan invites high ceilings to compliment the open floor plan, as this kitchen celebrates casual living and entertaining.  We made sure our client was thinking ahead and planned out their design to let them stay in their home for many years to come.

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