Great Falls Addition

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As custom luxury home builders in Northern Virginia, we design homes to give people space to live and allow them an outlet to express themselves.  Our experience and expertise allows us to ensure that our clients invest not just in the present, but in the future as well.  The addition we designed and built for our client in the project above added stylish quality fixtures that met their needs and stayed within their budget.

The project consists of a three car garage that allows for a new in-law suite located right above.  As for the interior fixtures, a brand new kitchen creates an open flow into a family room and an entry mud room.  The large central island in the kitchen adds visual interest to a centralized space that leads off to other areas of the house. Overall, our client wanted a design that embraced an open concept and could flow effortlessly from one part of the home to the other, and we used our expertise to meet their every desires.


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