Home Additions

Baby on the way? Kids getting older and begging for their own rooms? Mom coming to live with you? Every family faces similar growing pains and needs to “grow” its home.

AV Architects + Builders will design your addition so it flows easily into your existing home. We have helped many families in the Washington, DC Metro Area experience immediate relief with in-law-suites, two-story additions, family rooms, great rooms, 3-car garages, and much more.

Nobody wants an obvious distinction between their existing house and a new addition. Here’s one of our secrets for a successful remodel: blend the old and new floor plans and make them flow together harmoniously. AV Architects + Builders works diligently with our clients to develop floor plans that are conducive and make sense to your lifestyle – even if there have been other additions through the years.

Project by AV Architects + Builders

“Functional space is a very important component in creating a beautiful and relaxed interior”.
Download 20 Great Before/After Examples
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