Relaxing in Style

Thoughtful and smart design that leads to full enjoyment

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Luxury Vacation Homes

Escape your daily routine while preserving your lifestyle in your beach home, ski chalet or country ranch. AV Architects + Builders can make your dream vacation home a reality. Relax in comfort and pleasure at a vacation home that provides you with all of the amenities that you have grown to love and expect. Our designers have been working with clients all over the country transforming their ideas into luxurious residences.

Elegant Wine Cellars

No need to step outside of your front door for fine wining…bring the finest wineries of Napa Valley, Bordeaux or Champagne to your home. AV Architects + Builders can customize your wining experience by incorporating luxurious state of the art wine cellars and wine tasting rooms. Not only will your taste buds be pleased with the results, but our wine cellars will give you the best conditions to conserve your finest wines.  Our designs can incorporate state of the art technologies such as temperature controls and inventory systems to create the best environment for wines of any categories and any ages, or simply create a relaxing place for the enjoyment of your wine tastings. Aging old wine is an art, but so is designing the perfect wine cellar!

Blissful Spas

Now every weekend you can walk away to your blissful spa without an appointment or the stress of traffic.  Incorporating a home spa can give you all the amenities of five star hotels at your doorsteps. Indulge with friends and family in relaxing treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home. AV Architects + Builders can design the perfect environment for all of your beauty needs (facials, tans, and massages). Our designs offer the necessary features and comfort of resort quality spas while preserving the intimacy of your private residence.

Relaxing Entertainment Areas

Entertainment design is not just turning a room in your basement into a home theater, but turning unused areas within your home into active, livable spaces. That means turning an undefined backyard into an open kitchen for hosting BBQ’s and summer parties.  Wine aficionados can develop their own wine tasting room with the correct humidity and temperature controls to ensure that your collection of 1982 Lafite-Rothschild ages correctly.

Open that small, tucked-away kitchen into an open entertainment area so the chef is not cooking alone – while maintaining the daily functionality that reflects your lifestyle. At AV Architects + Builders, we know that everyone has different priorities for entertainment and we adapt our plans to your everyday needs. For example, we help you develop a flexible floor plan that is perfect for everyday family use but can serve on short notice as a great Super Bowl party room.  Your entertainment room defines how you live while relaxing, so let us help refine your entertainment area and make it your own!

Welcoming Lounge

Host memorable events and parties in your very own private lounge. This room can offer the most unique and exotic atmosphere while providing all of the amenities of the coolest venues in the world.  Every libation is at your disposal in your custom bar, as your guests dance away to your state of the art sound and lighting systems. Create any “after hours” fun– dance club, lounge sports bar, or Irish pub. AV Architects + Builders designs takes your dream environment and merges it with your lifestyle for the perfect nightlife adventure. Dressing up and staying in has never been “cooler.”



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