Indoor / Outdoor Integration

Interiors that flow effortlessly for relaxing and entertaining at any time

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Outdoor spaces are every bit as important and a part of your home as the indoor spaces are and should be treated as such.  By carefully designing and planning your outdoor spaces, you can double the livable space of your home and take advantage of all that your home has to offer. Whether it’s a deck for entertaining, a pool for exercise and lounging, or a vegetable or flower garden; we will use our experience with luxury home renovation to maximize the placement of each outdoor space so that they flow effortlessly with each indoor space.

The way a home functions – or doesn’t – also impacts how it feels, as flow is how one space connects to another and is also a key component of a Vacation Style Living™ home.  A home should flow effortlessly from the front of the home to the main area of the home and out into the outdoor spaces at the back of the house. You can easily achieve indoor/outdoor flow by using the same materials and finishes in and out, and by utilizing these elements and planning for flow, your home will feel larger, more welcoming, and more like your own personal resort!

Expand your entertaining outdoors with flexible indoor/outdoor spaces. Blur the lines and create an open atmosphere to really enjoy the outdoors. You can BBQ and host events, even pool parties! AV Architect + Builders will help you design and build recreational areas that flow inside and out, and are easy and manageable.

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