Creative Ideas

Designing is our mission. Creativity is our passion.

Do you wish you could see other projects like yours?
Do you have trouble envisioning the potential of your home?
Would you like to brainstorm ideas about your project?
If so…

AV Architects prides itself in delivering creative designs to provide the luxury and efficiency that your home requires.  Our clients lifestyle needs are our priority.
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Designing is our mission.  Creativity is our passion. As custom home builders in Northern Virginia, we tell our clients that luxury is not limited by your budget, only by your thinking. In our market, stylish quality fixtures, finishes and furnishings are available at a wide range of price points and, done well, can make any home feel like a five-star resort.  By taking advantage of all the latest trends, techniques, and products available, you can expand your options and maximize your investment.

We inspire creativity by combining simplicity and sophistication as one.  A unified and well-implemented style will help make give off the impression of being a larger and more beautiful home. Our smart design approach can add style and personality to your home and let you determine the level of maintenance you want to take on in retirement and beyond.  Whatever your inspiration might be, we offer a wide variety of home renovations to help you break from the traditional designs, get creative, and build the dream home you always wanted.

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