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Top Home Improvement Tips for the Winter Season

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Looking forward to bundling up next to the fireplace this holiday season with a cup of your favorite hot chocolate?  While it may only be September, Winter is fast approaching and so are the cold, frigid temperatures.  There are a number of remodeling ideas to do in and around the house before the cold winter weather arrives this holiday season.  But as you look forward to (or dread) the upcoming winter season, make sure you, and your home, are well equipped to last until spring time.  As custom home builders in Northern Virginia, we suggest checking out these important home improvement tips to help make sure you're ready for the coldest time of the year!

Preparing Your Home

1. Clean the Gutters: While you were busy enjoying the last remaining days of summer, leaves and grime were getting stuck in your gutters.  This is dangerous as water can back up against the house and cause damage to the roof and siding.  Clogged gutters and drains can also prevent your drainage system from working properly and can lead to leaks in your home.  To clean it, remove all the large debris from the gutter and flush it with a hose at the end opposite of the downspout. (

2. Check Windows/Doors: As the temperature starts to go down, our energy bill starts to go up.  When the colder months start to hit, it's important to keep all of the inside air in your home.  To make sure you do that, check all of your windows and doors to make sure they don't reveal any cracks.  Use caulk to seal any cracks between each door frame and weather-stripping to seal all of your windows. (

3. Reverse Ceiling Fan Direction: Saving on your energy bill can be as easy as flipping a switch.  Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise and it will send all the warm air near the ceiling to your living space.  You'll also be able to turn the thermostat down a couple degrees since it will circulate warm air throughout your home.

4. Clean the Chimney: Winter happens to be the most dangerous time of the year for chimney's as it is when the most damage can be done.  Below freezing temperatures can cause the water inside your chimney to freeze and expand, leading to cracked or shattered bricks. If you haven't done so already, schedule a chimney sweep for your home. (

5. Tree Work: The trees around your home become very vulnerable during the winter due to the cold weather.  The changing of temperature from day to night can lead to stress between the outer bark and inner wood and can lead to cracks.  They are also subject to winter drought which occurs when a tree loses more water than it can absorb.  Make sure you hire the right home remodeling services to help you prep your trees for the winter season. (

6. Clean your Ducts: There are a lot of benefits to cleaning you air ducts for the winter season.  Not only can they reduce energy costs, you'll have less house cleaning chores to do and it will help prevent a fire by removing excess lint.  Cleaning your ducts will also improve the quality of life inside as they collect bacteria that reduce the quality of air we breathe inside our homes. (  

7. Prep your Driveway: During the cold winter season, your driveway is susceptible to cracking and splits. Water can seep into existing cracks and crevasses and freeze, expanding and creating larger cracks in your driveway.  To fix any existing cracks, start by removing any debris or loose concrete and then use a broom to clean out the crack, and fill in the crack with concrete repair caulk. (

8. Prep your Lawn: Though you may not be thinking too much about it, the fall season is the best time to prepare your lawn for next spring.  While the grass grows slower during the winter months, it is still absorbing as much energy and nutrients it can.  Fertilize your lawn, rake the leaves, fill in any bald spots and get rid of weeds so they don't absorb all the nutrients that your lawn needs. 

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