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360 Home Living: How does hierarchy affect the details of your home?

Building a house or renovating takes time and it involves choosing many details that are important to define the style and feel of your house. Materials, textures, colors and quality, all need to match your budget too. What you choose on materials and other details of your house exterior and interior will impact the way your house feels. The following design/build ideas will help you prioritize to splurge or save when you're making all these decisions for your renovation project or your new custom home


Not all rooms are equal. The feel you define should be implemented throughout your house, however there is some hierarchy in the rooms of your house. In other words, some rooms are more important than others. Not everyone gets this. You want to give attention to details according to that hierarchy. Your kitchen is the hub of your family activities, finishes in your kitchen should be as important as this room. Take your time to choose a counter top and tile, you’ll be looking at it for many years.  

Marble_and_Kitchen_Fixtures Quatzite and glass tile kitchen
Kitchen counter can take several visits to the showroom, so pick a supplier that has a large selection of stones which gives you room to accommodate your budget. AV Architects + Builders kitchen additions in Northern Virginia included a dark granite on right and light quartzite on the left.

Splurge in the powder room. The powder room is “the new business card for your house”, spending in it may be a good idea. Your kitchen and your master bathroom should follow when you're planning your budget.  Most people don’t pay attention to the powder room. As it turns out, this small room which is the introduction to your style for future guests. This is a small area where you can splurge without braking the bank! The ideas you develop in this room you can extend to your master bathroom in a larger scale. Then, you can use materials that align with these main rooms to create your family room and any other rooms in the house.

Powder_room Powder_room_with_light_granite
These two powder room remodeling projects by AV Architects + Builders show simple and quality materials in small areas that can change the look of your "house business card".

Wall paper in powder room
Wall paper and a quality sink can play a great role in your powder room decor. Eclectic Powder Room by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Key Piece


Final details are important in the design stage:Don’t wait until the end to talk about details. It is precisely those details you have in mind what will guide the feel for your future house. You should start by identifying your style and defining which materials speak for you in the first stages of the creation of your project. An expert should support your decision by using this information to create your house plan. You want to start talking about all  finish materials right at the beginning of your conversation with your architect-build team.

Shower_materials Stone_and_river_pebbles_

Natural materials like stone and river pebbles offer a different ambiance than synthetically produced materials. In both cases, they can range in quality and prices.  It really depends on the feel what you're looking for.

Bathroom_focet Details_in_shower with natural materials

Quality in your master bathroom design is something you will appreciate for year and will add home value. AV Architects + Builders has used these materials and fixtures in their custom homes: “Crema marfil” marble from Spain -polished and rough surface-, mother of pearl marble wall and oil rubbed bronze Kohler faucet.

Enhance your sense of being. Following our philosophy, if you want to have a home for life.  One that makes you resemble a Vacation Style Living™. Then, you want to lean towards natural materials. Things that may connect you to the elements. Like stone, glass and wood. They make them in engineer version, which will take you to a quality and budget decision. You can choose formal, casual, traditional, modern, contemporary styles. The materials should play along with your own style.


Outdoor_Fixtures Curb_appeal

Avoid cheap, it can get expensive. You have thousands of options in tiles, fixtures and hardware. How to choose the right one? Let me tell you a secret: You don’t want your materials to cost less than what the labor would cost for setting them up. The labor price of putting these on is high, and cheap materials will have a short use life. Repairing will cost you more in the long run. For example, cheap ceramic can break easily when you drop something and it can crack also over time. The same applies to fixtures and hardware. Brass, nickel, bronze and all fun finishes need to be of good quality. Fun and fancy finished materials, in particular, will peel and fade over time if they’re cheap. Pick quality over price and stay away from builders’ grade. Things that are mass produced are not necessarily your best investment. See different finishes, touch, and look closer before you buy. Companies that offer showrooms in northern Virginia like Ferguson, Marblex in Fairfax, VA and Washington Design Center in DC are a great resource when you’re making your decisions.

 Basement_for_entertainment Library with custom made cabinetry

Large spaces demand attention to details.  Contrast and quality carpentry can make a difference. One of AV Architects + Builders' expert picks are Bremtown Cabinets.

Choosing the right materials to get the right feeling in your house, takes time.  Patience is important and a good team of custom builders who can guide you through this process.

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