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Happy National Dog Day! 8 pics with pet friendly design solutions!

AV Architects + Builders Farm House Addition in Great Falls, VA. Included the perfect family bench by a natural light window. What better place for a "best friend" to wait for their master every day. 

With our best friend's in mind on National Dog Day (August 27th), these are some ideas to add to your next renovation project and discrete pet friendly design solutions that you may consider for your new custom home.

Few people think of adding pet friendly features to their home in the planing stages of their project. Unless you're a total dog lover, planning around pets's needs is not the first thought that comes to mind when building a dream home. But you should definitely bring it up to your design/build team if you're planing to add a family "best friend' to in your short term future.

Dog friendly mudroom




“Do you have pets?" Or "Are you planning to have a pet?” are key questions your design/builder should ask before working on your house project. Right after they ask if you have any kids or planning to have any.

Almost 40% of the US households have a dog, which makes you think planing around pets when you're renovating or building is common. The truth is, most of us find ourselves improvising to create pet friendly spaces right about the time kids ask for a puppy. 


Dog Shower

The low dog shower above is a discrete dog cleaning station, which can always be used by kids too! specially when they all play together outside.  A good way to leave the mud in one place- the mudroom .

Feeding bowl for dog in kitchen

 You don't want those doggy bowls rolling around in different places around the house.  Built in bowls spaces in your cabinetry or island are a good way to train your pet to only go to one place for food- the kitchen!

Walk out dog door

Outdoors play is fun. OK, maybe not so much for the master who is opening the door every time your friend wants to go in or out. This dog walk out is a great solution to connect your outdoor area.

Dog nook

Most likely your best friend will want to be in this nook to be close to you when you're having family time

You can only prepare for having a pet with the certainty of having one soon.  But you can be smart about your plans, if you think you'll have one in the future. You can always add features in the house that can quickly take you to a pet friendly environment like this one.

360 Home Living is about thinking ahead instead of renovating every time you enter a new stage in life. If you're considering a home renovation in Northern Virginia or if you're looking for builders in Great Falls, VA who can help you plan for your next project with your doggies in mind, the full team at AV Architects + Builders is happy to talk to you. We're dog lovers too!

Bookshelf in kitchen
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