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Does your home need curb-appeal?

Why is the entrance to your home important? What are the things to consider when renovating your entry?

Over the years, I have used my skills as a design/builder and as a wife/mother to  undertand how I can remodel homes to meet our client's needs better. One issue that has come up very often among our clients is how unhappy they are with how their homes "curb appeal".

Some of the older homes, the main entry is neglected and typically undersized. Hence, we typically don't use the main entrance for our daily ins and outs; we prefer to use the garage and kitchen door once we park our cars. The interesting thing is that our friends and guests also prefer to use the garage as the entry. Why is that?

Here are some of the reasons why...

1. The MAIN ENTRANCE is not clearly defined.

2. The MAIN ENTRANCE is not attractive and inviting.

3. The MAIN ENTRANCE is not easily accessible.

When we were looking at the entrance of our own home, we realized that there were several  issues with it that could be improved. Here are some of our main goals with this FRONT ENTRY RENOVATION PROJECT:

1. We wanted the entrance to become the focal point of the front view (elevation) of the home. In other words, if you look at the main facade of the house, the entrance should be obvious and not just "a hole in the wall". Our front elevation was very long and uniform so it needed a focal element to break it up. We decided to add stone to the entry addition to add a unique element. The stoner we selected is a stone veneer called California Gold Ledger Veneer . You can find this at

                           BEFORE VIEW OF FRONT ELEVATION                              

 AV Architects_Entry_Before




AV Architects_Entry_After



2. We wanted the main entry to have a covered roof area so that our guests would not be standing in the cold rain or hot sun while they are waiting for us to get the door; a portico, front porch or just a simple roof structure would work. In this case, we added as much footprint as we could while adhering to the setback guidelines (always consult your zoning department for setback rules in your jurisdiction). We chose a standing seam metal roof in Colonial Red to accentuate the entrance from the rest of the house. You can find roofing material like this at


AV Architects_Entry Porch


3. We wanted the path from the driveway to the front door to be an experience; that may include include stone walkways, beautiful landscaping, a water feature, outdoor lighting, views and many other design solutions that would enhance your journey to the front door. In this case, we selected a walkway that had a uniform stone pattern to intrigue the visitor and improve the experience. The stone used was Tennessee Flagstone with an old world chissled edge to soften the outline. You can also find this beautiful stone in earth tone colors at


AV Architects_Entry

4. On the same note, we wanted to enjoy these views of the landscape from the inside of the house. This means we needed to add more windows and a front door with some glass. We added 2 windows and an entry door with lots of glass. In this case we used an arched glass door and douglas fir wood with a stain matching the floor in the house and the rest of the windows. You can find this door at


AV Architects_Entry

5. We wanted to add additional square footage to the entry foyer, so that once our guests enter the house there is space to greet them. With only adding 72sqft of foyer to the house and a small bump-out of the exterior wall we accomlished to change the flow of the entrance into the house.


AV Architects_Entry

Our mission is to give our clients as many design solutions as possible and solve as many problems their home has within their budget. This is the highest value a design professional can provide for you! If you need creative design solutions for your home, give us a call. We would love to help you transform your house into the home of your dreams!



A special thanks...

We would like to thank our good friend, colleague and landscape designer Dave Marciniak for designing and installing the landscape on this project. His amazing talent and know-how on plants and landscaping allowed us to reduce our front lawn area by 70% and replace it with a beautiful plants and shrubs. This is a great eco-friendly solution that we always wanted to pursue - less watering, more plants!

If you would like to contact David directly, please visit his website at:



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