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360 Home Living: 5 top Areas of Your Home to Decorate this Season

Posted by Larisa Caicedo-Dethero, AV Architects + Builders on Dec 13, 2015 9:00:00 AM

With the holiday season at our doors, I’m sure you’ve pulled out all decorations from the attic and closets and are now looking for good ideas to welcome the joy of this winter season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you'll probably enjoy adding some of the colors of the season. There are 5 top areas where you can easily decorate to have your house ready. We'd like to share our picks of tasteful and trendy ideas which may resonate with your luxury home and a Vacation Style Living.

Restoration Hardware_Gold_Starlit_Trees_2.jpg

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1. Impress with your Entry Door and Foyer

When you think about home decorating, your entrance is the place to start.  Your door welcomes you and your guests to the spirit of the season, but you don’t have to go overboard on decorations to show that you're into it. This season, you may want to give a chance to other accents that are not part of your traditional home designs, like a garland or wreath to make a first impression. Simple swags can be an elegant accent to your door too. Especially if you’re looking for a tasteful accent that doesn’t involve too much time.

What's a swag? Here are some ideas.

One decoration piece that has caught my attention this year are the Gold Starlit Trees by Restauration Hardware. The trees can add a touch to the side of your doors, they come in different sizes from 2” to 11” and up to $249.00. This is an accent that can be repurposed every year. Timeless decorations are the ones you should invest in. You don’t want to feel like your décor is outdated when you open the box in the attic next year.

One decoration piece that has caught my attention this year are the Gold Starlit Trees by Restoration Hardware. These trees can add a touch to the side of your entrance.  They come in different sizes from 2-11 feet and cost up to $249.00. This is an accent that can be re-purposed or relocated every year. Timeless decorations are always a smart purchase, just like smart design- and we love that. You won’t want to feel like your decor is outdated when you open the box in the attic next year.



You can add different sizes throughout the house.

Your foyer follows your greeting. This is a great area to display your favorite collection.  Nutcrackers are an easy item to organize and they're a great way to embrace the season. Besides, a collection is the perfect family sharing tradition.  Finding a new item every year will bring memories for life and stories for generations to come.


You can create an elaborate display or....


...you can keep it simple.

 2. Share the warmth with Amazing Windows

This is where your wreaths play a big role. When you have many windows to decorate, this is the way to go.  I love these simple wreaths with a "bird accent" in the middle found on Country Living Magazine. You can pretty much hang any item in the middle and change the color of the ribbon according to your style and theme.


If you've chosen to decorate the window sill, candles are a great choice for large windows or side counters. Something to think about if you're looking to remodel in the future.

Window_seal_decoration.jpgThis decor can work well on any winter occasion.


You can always add remote control or flameless candles to remove any fire hazard. There are some options that look really nice and that are not that expensive. Or, combine nature with nature-like candles like these Birch Tree Candle by Arhaus

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3. Enjoy Outstanding Stair rails

Stair rails are always provocative for decoration at Christmas time. What better place to hang "anything", right? To change things a little, try decorating the bottom of the stairs this time.  Even placing collections of items on the steps -to the side, of course- can make this area very easy to decorate. 


For the perfect look, use natural and full foliage instead of the faux stuff. Just like in this  MidwestLiving Magazine
Bottom star rail decorations
Contemporary Staircase by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Falken Reynolds Interiors

If you feel playful and have kids, try letter stickers to highlight words under the steps- joy, peace, love, winter, etc.  You can always take them out after.  Basement steps are perfect for this idea.  Look for hundreds of samples on Etsy.


4. Bring joy with an alternative Fireplace

Mantels and fireplaces are a delightful area to decorate. What can be easier than adding greens and lights to your mantel?  Take a look at how simple clear glass balls by Restoration Hardware can dress up your mantel. You can also use any vintage light balls or mercury glass balls to add shimmer to your mantel, when you combine with some greenery.



Starry Globe, item by Restoration Hardware


Can you think of any wood items that you can add to follow this idea by Jennifer Rizzo

If you are not planning on using your chimney much this winter, enjoy your fireplace by adding decorations inside your fire box. Even if your children request space for Santa to slip through, you have a great space to be creative.

This is another perfect place for candles, and this time you can add the real ones, if you're willing to light them up for the occasion.


Pick your style from these four ideas by Homeideasmag.com

Stacked up logs can also make a great neat decoration to keep it "cool".  Especially if you are using the blue and Gray/black hues for your decorations.

5. entertain with a "Taste-full" Kitchen

No matter how many times the hosts invite guests to other areas of the house, the kitchen is always the gathering place. Decorate pendants, add a bold center piece and maybe add some items by your sink or window sill. Festive flowers or food will help with your kitchen Christmas decorations! You don't need to have everything red and green - like pot holders, towels, etc.-, a couple of accents will be enough to show the spirit.

Go back to basics and add bows or garland to your pendants above your kitchen island. Use fruits and nuts to create a great center piece and bring out all the colors of the season by using food - like red and green apples or pears, cherries or cranberries, nuts, etc.

You want your kitchen to smell like winter? Use a very old trick, cook water or apple cider with cloves, anise stars, cinnamon sticks and orange peel and let it simmer while your guests are around. They will enjoy the idea that "something is cooking". Another idea is to add one or two small rosemary trees for decoration- you can get them at Wholefoods or any garden store.


You won't get tired of this simple idea in Southern Living Magazine

Nuts_with_candles_the_entertaining_house.jpgHazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts always look great with candles on a center island


Two small trees add color to this sink in Countryliving.com


I love this combination in Hymnsandverses.com and you may use all for cooking afterwards!

There's always a chance to see other people's decorations and get more ideas - on what to do and what not to do. Joining one of many real -or even virtual- holiday house tours available this time of year can be a fun idea. Tours can start as early as November every year, so check your area for dates available. Even better, hire a driver or rent a small bus and get friends to join you on the tour!

If you're in Northern Virginia consider the McLean Woman’s Club Holiday Homes Tour next year. I recently enjoyed taking this great tour by joining a group of women hosted by the  M&M Realtor Team  - Berkshire and Hathaway real estate agents for homes in Great Falls Va-. We visited five very different houses in an exclusive area in McLean, VA. What a great trip! And I did get a few new ideas, but what really made my tour a rich  and enlightening experience was to share it with smart women with many more ideas to offer from their personal seasonal traditions. Maybe that can work for you too!

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