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How to Build a Custom Home on a Prime Lot

Northern Virginia is a hub of activity and opportunity. To many it offers a home outside of the city, but allows a short commute to work and a vast business network. For families, Northern Virginia offers excellent K-12 education and the opportunity to join caring communities. These attributes and more draw people to our area, but many find it difficult to make the move as the availability for open land is believed to be slim.

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Ultimate Guide To Halloween fun!

Despite Halloween falling on a monday this year, you can still enjoy a night out with some friends and family dressed up in your favorite costumes!  You may have grown out of the trick-or-treat phase there are still plenty of events and opportunities to make the most out of your Halloween evening.  We've come up with a list of our favorite Halloween events taking place this Halloween weekend and night, so that you aren't left out of all the Halloween fun this year.

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Fall season fun!

As the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to change color, it's time to start getting into the Fall season mindset and plan some fun things to do with your friends and family.  Add more layers of clothing and take a trip to a fall festival!  Fall festivals are a great way to take in the fall season, not to mention it's the best place to find that perfect pumpkin you've been looking for.  You can carve your favorite designs and use them as decoration not just outside your home, but inside as well.  There are several ways to turn the iconic front porch decoration into something delicious too, using the seeds for cooking or adding a pumpkin flare to any traditional dish. We've compiled a list to help put a new, exciting spin on some of your favorite fall activities and cooking ideas.  Check them out!



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Top Home Improvement Tips for the Winter Season

Looking forward to bundling up next to the fireplace this holiday season with a cup of your favorite hot chocolate?  While it may only be September, Winter is fast approaching and so are the cold, frigid temperatures.  There are a number of remodeling ideas to do in and around the house before the cold winter weather arrives this holiday season.  But as you look forward to (or dread) the upcoming winter season, make sure you, and your home, are well equipped to last until spring time.  As custom home builders in Northern Virginia, we suggest checking out these important home improvement tips to help make sure you're ready for the coldest time of the year!

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7 Tips To Picking The Best Custom Home Builders In Northern VA

For many people, committing to a new investm ent of bu ilding a home takes a lot of time and money.  However, what most people don't realize is that you don't have to sacrifice the fun and excitement that comes with that investment.  The success of any new home investment project hinges on several factors including planning and having the right resources.  Therefore, it is important to hire a strong team of experts to help interpret exactly what you want and how much you wa n t to spend.

When you decide you're ready to invest in a new home project, you might be surprised as to how many people must be involved for the project to be an overwhelming success.  Architects, engineers, contractors, landscapers, and interior designers all play important roles in making your dream home a reality.  However, figuring out exactly who to bring in to work on your project is no small task. 

Consider these tips to help you choose the best team, optimize time, minimize headaches, and ultimately enjoy the process from beginning to end.

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Custom Home Trends for 2016: common mistakes to avoid!

If building your dream home is part of your plans for this year, you may want to get started by considering this year's design/build trends.  Most importantly, you want to stay away from making mistakes when deciding on these desirable features. As custom home builders in Northern VA, we'd like to offer you our expert advice on what to avoid when following these 12 current trends for building your custom home. 


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360 Home Living: How does hierarchy affect the details of your home?

Building a house or renovating takes time and it involves choosing many details that are important to define the style and feel of your house. Materials, textures, colors and quality, all need to match your budget too. What you choose on materials and other details of your house exterior and interior will impact the way your house feels. The following design/build ideas will help you prioritize to splurge or save when you're making all these decisions for your renovation project or your new custom home


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360 Home Living: Don't just buy a home, build your dream

When you’re financially ready to afford your dream house, you have the choice between purchasing a pre-fabricated luxury home or hiring a design firm to build from scratch. Both have strong benefits, but going custom is far superior for a myriad of reasons. Here are four of them.

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Is back to school season for most Northern Virginia homes. Everyone is getting back from summer vacations with an urgency to "get organized." These thoughts often come with questions on how to add features that can make life easier on weeks like this in the future - you know..."next year I'll be ready!" kind of thought. We've created a visual check list with ideas for your next renovation project or custom home. To help you get ready now and for next year.

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Happy National Dog Day! 8 pics with pet friendly design solutions!

AV Architects + Builders Farm House Addition in Great Falls, VA. Included the perfect family bench by a natural light window. What better place for a "best friend" to wait for their master every day. 

With our best friend's in mind on National Dog Day (August 27th), these are some ideas to add to your next renovation project and discrete pet friendly design solutions that you may consider for your new custom home.

Few people think of adding pet friendly features to their home in the planing stages of their project. Unless you're a total dog lover, planning around pets's needs is not the first thought that comes to mind when building a dream home. But you should definitely bring it up to your design/build team if you're planing to add a family "best friend' to in your short term future.

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